Facility Condition Assessments

Over time, the architectural configuration of a stadium and its program can be outgrown. OSPORTS understands how the architecture and interiors can be re-envisioned and re-programmed to capture the value of present day. In addition, the structural framing system and components of sports venues represent highly visible construction that are not only functional but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of these facilities. Unlike most other building types, the framing system is visible to the general public; therefore an aesthetically pleasing design is important. Additionally, the framing system is exposed to variable environmental conditions. Freeze/thaw cycles and large temperature fluctuations will over time accelerate the deterioration of the structure. We excel in a design that manages the long-term effects of weather on structures. OSPORTS has a wealth of experience evaluating framing systems, seat decks and MEP, fire protection and technology components of open-air sports facilities and indoor venues across the nation.