Various Stadium Projects

Cleveland Indians/Gateway Development | Cleveland , Ohio
LED Lighting Design | The new LED lighting allows the Indians to recognize a cost savings in energy, and the new system can be expected to perform for well over 15 years. The new lights have IP addressable controls for preset lighting schemes and theatrical lighting for use in concerts and other non-baseball events. LED fixtures were used to illuminate the stadium to current MLB requirements for the recommended foot candles. Broadcast camera footcandle levels were maintained on the infield and the outfield as well as glare control. The new LED field lighting was designed to keep the current architecture of the stadium. The intent of the design was to keep the iconic “toothbrush” look.
Videoboard and Sound Replacement | Osborn provided consulting services for the new scoreboard and control room at Progressive Field. Work for this project included the selection of a 59’ tall by 220’ foot wide Daktronics videoboard with 13,000 SF of high definition screen space. This included the total replacement of all A/V equipment within the ballpark and a brand new state-of-the-art sound system. OSPORTS conducted a structural evaluation of the existing framing and modified the steel framing system to accommodate Daktronics larger screen. Along with the improved video board and sound system, the out-of-town scoreboard, marquee display, and ribbon boards around the ball park were also replaced.
Production & Rack Room | Osborn provided Structural and Technology engineering services for the new state-of-the-art scoreboard control room that overlooks home-plate at Progressive Field. The room has enough video screens to make sure every possible camera angle is covered, and it’s large enough to divide the space into two — with video and audio operators not stumbling over each other.

The Scoreboard/Production Control Room renovation creates a better use of space for in-game Production/Direction. On game day, there are 15 video operators, two audio operators and a public-address announcer in the modernized control room. The Indians are able to take full advantage of the new space, from the ability to enhance in-game replays, to scripted videos and introductions that Indians said moves at a “SportsCenter”-like pace, better statistical displays and more advertising opportunities.

As part of this project, the development of an isolated, climate-controlled clean room was required. The room houses all of the noise and heat generating equipment that is used in the day-to-day operations of the Scoreboard(s), Sound system and entire TV/RF infrastructure. In addition to clearing valuable space for the reconfiguration of the Production Control Room, the new Rack Room also resolved current issues with moisture and dust and dirt that negatively impact existing equipment. We were able to locate a storage room within close proximity to the new Scoreboard/Production Control Room which could be renovated for the needs of a modern Rack Room.
Concessions & Suite Upgrades |  Osborn was the engineer-of-record for the upgrades to the concessions and suites project at Progressive Field. The concession improvements included the removal of exterior walls to improve sight line views of the playing field from the concourse. A diverse selection of food products was being introduced to meet the demands of the modern sports fan. As a result, a series of small “neighborhood” concessions were constructed to highlight the various food options. In addition, the Indians proposed the construction of an upscale season ticket holder club to provide a unique setting for those fans that have invested both time and money to watch their team play baseball. Osborn provided the Mechanical, Electrical and Technology design for each space. Work was coordinated with a food service provider to en-able the selection and installation of all new kitchen equipment in each concession space. The design for components located on the exterior of a concession included durability and winterization provisions to account for the harsh Cleveland winter season.

The suite improvements included the upgrade of finishes and amenities in many of the individual spaces. Osborn scope include the selection of LED fixtures to replace the less efficient lighting. The electrical design for the suites include provisions for both current and future power requirements in each unit. The HVAC system was replaced with energy efficient equipment with state-of-the-art control systems that integrated with the overall building system.
Chilled Water Plant & Cx | Osborn evaluated the condition and remaining useful service life of the central cooling plant; air handlers; fan coils and associated controls serving Progressive Field. Although the central cooling plant equipment and controls had been well maintained, all of it was original (1994) and nearing the end of its expected useful service life of 23 years (2016) therefore options for replacement/upgrade were recommended. Overall project cost was $5 million for the central chilled water plant replacement and $15 million for overall HVAC upgrades. Annual maintenance and energy savings are estimated to be approximately $150,000 per year for the new central plant.