Tracks, Turfs & Green Spaces

OSPORTS has extensive experience designing both natural grass and artificial turf fields and have completed in excess of 125+ fields over the past decade. Owners, athletic directors and coaches have very strong preferences for the type of system specified and designed. To accommodate these preferences, we have developed our specifications around a set of alternatives that maintains the competitive bidding process and allows the owner to evaluate costs from different manufactures and select the field that they prefer.
Fields | Through experience, we know and understand the special considerations given to different sports. For baseball/softball this includes separating real clay infields, pitchers mounds and home plate areas from the synthetic carpet. For lacrosse, the areas immediately in front of the goals get a lot of abuse from the goalies and their sticks digging into the infill. For fields that are shared by both football and soccer, a balance is needed between softness of impact and ball roll/speed.
Tennis Court Design | The key to a well designed and constructed outdoor tennis court complex is achieving very flat but well-draining surfaces. Usually constructed with asphalt, this requires smaller aggregate stone, a well compacted sub-grade and aggregate base course, and trench drains along the edges of the court set at very precise elevations. The goal is to prevent any small dips or “bird baths” from forming on the surface of the court. The final tennis court paint then can act as an additional barrier/sealer against water penetrations into the asphalt.
Track Design | OSPORTS has designed and renovated indoor and outdoor running tracks, field events, walking tracks and various other playing surfaces to meet high school, collegiate (NCAA) and professional level standards. As is customary with any athletic playing surface, drainage and planarity of the running surface is of utmost importance for surface performance and longevity. Layout of a new running track as well as the surface selection are also key components of the design. OSPORTS has a strong working relationship with all major track surfacing providers and installers.