Concept & Feasibility Studies

As a core part of our design process, the concept and feasibility studies OSPORTS generate are not only focused on a project’s potential, but are supported by in-depth project research and information. At a project’s inception, it is important to “begin with the end in mind”. To accomplish this, the Visioning Workshop is a vital exercise to define the direction of a project. During the workshop, we work closely with project stakeholders, distill project goals and prioritize actions moving forward. The Visioning Workshop is documented in a Basis of Design report which serves as a guiding principal for decision-making throughout the life of the design and construction of the project.
A key differentiating feature of our dedicated sports architecture practice is that it is a vision led by the practice leaders of the firm. When a project is commissioned, it has direct hands-on involvement by the Director of OSPORTS. Our established boutique practice has been built around a core team concept. We do not put ourselves in positions where our presented teams show up to an interview and walk away just to see you again at the ribbon cutting event or grand opening. Our strategically built “A” team is your team!
As an additional feature, OSPORTS is supported by a dedicated in-house sports engineering team. This allows the design to move quickly through complexity and clearly define a project budget with conceptual quantifications and engineering. In the end, the deliverables will communicate the vision of your project with imagery and animations and with pro-forma based design strategies that include strategic planning, programming and revenue analysis for financial success.