Fan Experience Technology

When tens-of-thousands, screaming sports fans, congregate for a major sporting event, complex high-density communication systems are required to keep everyone connected and immersed in the action. With new spectrum advancements recently in place to facilitate social media via mobile connectivity, stadiums and arenas are facing the task of mass-media management for all of these wireless devices and their requited signal path.
Emerging technologies such as 8K video resolution and 3D “Content Media” provide 32 venues of multi-media and sophisticated audio ‘sound systems’ that also require ‘wireless’ highways. Technology infrastructure has become its own discipline. Most stadium and arena facilities operate their content media services through professional internal production studios and cutting edge Network Operating Centers (NOC) providing electronic distribution for the ultimate “Fan Experience”!
OSPORTS has a team of technology experts that are able to plan for these systems and ensure that the facility delivers the ultimate fan experience.