Field Houses & Training Facilities

Field houses and training facilities are a key component to the success of any professional franchise, college teams, local healthcare agencies and communities. On the surface, these facilities appear to be large and rather simple structures. However, they are complex buildings with many internal innovations. These facilities house the convergence of numerous entities in performance training, such as: strength and conditioning, team building, nutrition, sports medicine, progress tracking technologies and simulation. OSPORTS is uniquely positioned with expertise in all required design areas including playing surfaces, sports medicine and healthcare, sports lighting, experience technology and athletic facilities to develop custom design solutions for you and your potential partner(s) specific needs.
Training Facilities are intimate. The facilities are small and boutique, but the overall complex is large and complex. They are important to the club, the university, communities, and the youth! At OSPORTS, we believe that understanding is our strength and we thrive and excel when executing these types of projects.