Schottenstein Center Renovations

The Ohio State University | Columbus , Ohio
North Expansion and Concourse Upgrades | The existing public concourse spaces in the 20 year old arena appeared dated and did not meet the expectations of the modern-day sports fan. Therefore, OSU decided to undergo a substantial modernization of all public spaces. The renovated concourses include new signage, color schemes, a kiosk system, improved team shop, which now has an outdoor entrance, dining areas, office space, LED lighting, new interactive upgraded video screens and other progressive types of technology. The improvements enhance the game-day experience for fans attending the various events at the facility. The 50,000 SF expansion of the main concourse on the north side of the building brings a concessions area and fan shop closer to where the fans park their cars for easier access.
New Video Board Installation | A large curved video display was installed on the southeast façade of the University’s arena. The board is mounted to the exterior of the round rotunda and provide high visibility from adjacent heavily traveled cross roads. The display board is anchored to the existing steel frame located behind a brick veneer. The weight of the video display was distributed to multiple framing members to ensure that no beam or column are overstressed. The board is energized from a nearby electrical panel with available circuits. Osborn served as engineering consultant and peer reviewer on behalf of the University.
Fire Protection Systems | Osborn’s Fire Protection Group led the design effort to fully modernize the fire alarm system in this building. The work included the installation of a new state of the art fire alarm control panel, the addition of ADA compliant notification in the concourse areas and an all new Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication system that will integrate to the existing public address system(s).