PNC Stadium Assessment

Houston Dynamo FC | Houston , Texas
In the fall of 2019, OSPORTS was commissioned to engage in a full-service facility condition assessment and design review of PNC Stadium in Houston, Texas. While the scope of the study focused on three main areas known as the ‘core initiatives’; the project team led by OSPORTS conducted a comprehensive study and assessment over 90 days to identify design and construction projects required to keep the existing facility sustainable for years to come.
The review and assessment identified and addressed architectural systems, major systems to include technology and broadcast, as well as potential revenue generators such as seating diversification with a focus on guest experience. These categories are summarized below:
• Architectural Upgrades
• Broadcast and Technology Upgrades
• Capital Repair and Replacement Projects
• Program Modifications and Improvements
• Climate Control within the Facility
• Revenue Generation
• Improved Fan Experience
• Estimates of all Associated Improvements and Recommendations
The PNC Stadium Assessment was conducted over a 90 day period that included two separate facility tours; Event Day and Non-Event day. This allowed the OSPORTS lead team along with our engineers to evaluate the appropriate operational conditions during as well as combining the visit into two separate workshops with the Dynamo leadership and operations personnel; thus saving time and resources.