Heritage Park Hall of Fame

Cleveland Guardians | Cleveland , Ohio
Heritage Park, Cleveland Guardians Hall of Fame at Progressive Field, is a project that had been in development since the ballpark opened in 1995. The site of the project is located in the existing center field terraced picnic area, also known as the “Batters Eye” zone. Due to the Major League Baseball’s mandate to provide an unobstructed view of the batter field of vision behind the pitcher, this area is vacated at game time.
The Indian’s wish to use this area for the Hall of Fame, posed many challenges. The key ideas for the success of the project were to provide “primary” natural materials (evergreen hedges, trees, etc.) to soften and screen the outer edges of the existing terraced areas, while using artificial (metal) screen walls as a second screening device. Also, the idea of embellishing this nascent garden space is an underlying concept.
The inspiration for the trellis structures and monument stones of the Hall of Fame were inspired by the “language” of Progressive Field, with its’ articulate steel structure, expressive volumes and coloration. Memorial space was also a primary objective to the scheme. By using an iconic (round) shape for the upper terrace, historical precedent is applied. This form contrasts the rectilinear character of Progressive Field, thus creating a “bridge” between sacred places and baseball as a historic game. The experience of the Hall of Fame is meant to be contemplative, as well as educational, in this high energy environment.
The design reused the terraces of the existing picnic area, but reshaped the spaces by adding the architectural precast concrete monuments, steel trellis structures/screen walls and landscaping. These architectural elements and all the masonry were made and constructed from local materials. As for the services aspect of the project, the affects of electrical and plumbing (storm water) were considered in the design. The architectural lighting is set on a timer to highlight the plaques during night games only, while the storm water is controlled through “French” drains that utilize the sand base below the terraces. This project can also be relocated if so desired.