Houston Texans Locker Room Renovation

Houston Texans | Houston , Texas
In the Spring of 2021, OSPORTS, in conjunction with Doffing Construction, were engaged to renovate and upgrade the Houston Texans locker room before the beginning of the 2021 season. The reconfigured entry corridors begin the procession into the home locker room presented with new LED lighting wrapping up the wall to the ceiling, helping to create the clean and crisp presence the Texans were looking for. An interactive display is the focal point at the end of the entry sequence that incorporates into a new fueling station for the athletes and staff. The new reconfigured entries provide access from both sides of the locker room and are greeted by illuminated horns of the ceiling logo mounted in the center of the space.
Tonal design elements were used in key locations to emphasize the brand of the team. New custom lockers with integrated 42” TV monitors were the main design feature to upgrade the space with a clean modern design motif. In addition, the new ceilings and wall paint were used to brighten up the space and to create a soft palette for the surrounding color changing LED lighting to alter the ambiance of the locker room on demand.