Blue Jackets Player Performance Center

Columbus Blue Jackets/Nationwide Arena | Columbus , Ohio
Upon completion of a successful Blue Jackets Locker Room and Hydrotherapy area renovation, OSPORTS was selected to update and expand the remaining player performance areas, team offices, and other support functions within the locker room complex. The goal was to create a dynamic space with state-of-the-art features and functions where players and coaches are excited to spend time. One of the highlights of the renovated space includes the new player access hallway that leads from the locker room doors directly to the ice. This space has been updated with color-changing LED lights as well as Blue Jackets graphic signage that can be programmed in many different configurations. New LED video boards flank the entry doors to the locker room and help create a vibrant energy as players enter the arena and also create a customizable backdrop for post-game interviews. Nearly every aspect of the existing space was updated, and additional space was added through several expansions. Maximizing the “found space”, the design team was able to add a cardio mezzanine above the weight room to significantly expand the workout space and equipment offerings. The team dining area was moved across the adjacent hallway to create a more functional area with additional lounge space on a new mezzanine above the dining area. Player athletic training spaces were all modernized and expanded, including the addition of an 8’x18’ SwimEx recovery pool. Additional taping and table space were included as well as a full-size x-ray room next to the medical office to create a comprehensive support space for the athletes. Renovated coaches’ offices and a video room with tiered theater-style seating was created within the locker room complex. The equipment and storage areas were also expanded and included a new high-density storage system. As a result of moving the laundry room to the loading dock area, the team was able to significantly expand laundry operations to meet their needs. The adjacent press room was also included in the renovation and received a large LED video board as well as new finishes and lighting throughout.