Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Facility Condition Assessment & Improvements

Cleveland Cavaliers | Cleveland , Ohio
In 2022, OSPORTS along with our corporate partners at Osborn Engineering and MEIS were selected to partner with the Cleveland Cavaliers to study the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and to provide a facility condition assessment and design features analysis. This two-part process was broken into tasks that defined the goals and procedures of the architectural and engineering scope of work. Task 1 was the facility condition analysis, and the purpose of this task was to establish and evaluate the facilities current condition, estimate equipment remaining useful life, to provide benchmarking for comparing the facility condition and necessary investment in future years along with the creation of a long-term capital expenditure matrix. The second portion of our effort was task 2, our design features analysis. This task provided a comprehensive study and documentation of the current level of regular and premium amenities, finishes, and points of sale ratios, ect. The current condition was then compared to what our specialized team has utilized and incorporated into other NBA and similar arenas of comparable size. At the end of Task 2, OSPORTS formally presented a comprehensive design and planning deck for Cavaliers leadership, which consisted of team executives, operations, sales and sponsorship, and the food and beverage provider.